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08 Jun - 09 Jun 24
Mandrač harbour & Park novigradskih ribara, 13:00 - 20:00
Food & wine

Park Food Fest

Join us for a two-day culinary event at the charming Mandrač harbour in Novigrad!

Discover the Park Food Fest!
Immerse yourself in a unique culinary adventure at the Park Food Fest, where the finest Istrian cuisine is presented in a delightful street food format. Held in the picturesque Mandrač Port in Novigrad, this event promises a delicious and memorable experience for food enthusiasts of all kinds.
Taste the best of Istrian cuisine! Popular restaurants from Novigrad and other parts of northwestern Istria will showcase their creative dishes, made from the freshest local ingredients and served as gourmet delights for visitors to enjoy on the go. With stunning sea views and a vibrant atmosphere, the ambiance is as enticing as the food itself.
The spring edition of Park Food Fest focuses on Istrian cuisine, offering a wide selection of local dishes featuring fish, seafood, meat, pasta, and wild herbs. From noon to evening, visitors can indulge in culinary performances in the historic port and the nearby park. Alongside the food, a rich selection of white and red wines from northwestern Istria and local craft beers will be available.
Savor the flavours of northwestern Istria as chefs present the modern and creative side of Istrian gastronomy while staying true to traditional cooking principles. Throughout the event, show cooking sessions will be held, where chefs from Novigrad and restaurant owners from northwestern Istria will demonstrate how to prepare Istrian specialties using seasonal ingredients typical for the region.
Come for lunch, dinner, or just a snack, and enjoy fantastic musical entertainment from 1 PM to 8 PM. Park Food Fest also caters to the youngest visitors with afternoon children's shows and workshops in the spacious and safe Park of Novigrad's fishermen, allowing parents to indulge their senses in the exceptional ambiance of this charming Mediterranean town.

It’s a must-attend event!

Whether you're a gourmet or simply looking for a fun day out, Park Food Fest is an event you cannot miss.

Welcome and bon appétit!

#Regional delicacies
#olive oil
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