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TOP 10 attractions in Novigrad

With trawlers resting anchored by the coast before leaving for new adventures, Mandrač harbour is the ‘belly’ of Novigrad, feeding its residents and guests with fresh fish and seafood.
A valuable heritage rests in the protective embrace of Novigrad stone walls, withstanding the ravages of time. A promenade winds beneath them, which turns into an amazing city beach in summer.
3. Belvedere loggia
A part of the Novigrad fortification system, Belvedere is the only loggia in Istria kissing the sea. Hardly anyone can resist taking a picture inside it, so go ahead, we know you want it!
The palace of the Counts of Rigo is an extraordinary example of Baroque residential architecture. Located in Velika ulica Street, it was built in 1770, and beside the façade, the original interior layout has been preserved until the present day.
One of Novigrad hallmarks and most photographed motifs are its atmospheric streets with umbrella canopies. You can almost hear them inviting you to dance.  
In the past, the direction of the statue of St. Pelagius used to tell fishermen should they head offshore or not, while today many events take place on the square and in the park, under the watchful eye of the patron saint of Novigrad.
7. City park
The park below the bell tower, ‘the lungs of Novigrad’, is a refreshing oasis where visitors like to rest while exploring many interesting corners of Novigrad.
Interesting both outside and inside – it’s the shortest description of this museum whose architecture will capture your attention just as much as the valuable stone monuments it holds.
9. Sunsets
Highlight of the day in Novigrad? The sunset! A happy moment everyone awaits eagerly, which requires you to stop to take in the beauty of the scene.
10. Pier
Its main function is to protect the harbour, but Novigrad pier (or ‘diga’ as locals call it) is also a beautiful promenade from which you can watch sunsets while enjoying a pleasant breeze.
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