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Art and culture

The Feast of Saint Rocco - the guardian of Brtonigla

Discovering the emerald of northwestern Istria

Way up north, near the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, lies the small town of Brtonigla. Known as the “Small place of great discoveries”, this settlement was erected on a scenic hill on top of the remains of a former castle overlooking an emerald landscape. With much to discover, Brtonigla offers picturesque scenery, authentic Istrian cuisine, and locally made olive oil and wine.
The town, just like many other places in Istria, is very rich in culture and history that many visitors come to experience, including the traditional Feast of Saint Rocco. Every August, locals and foreigners gather to celebrate the guardian of Brtonigla - St. Rocco.
While the chapel dedicated to the saint can be visited all year round in the medieval heart of town, the Feast of Saint Rocco is an event that packs endless amounts fun into a several day period.
This summer festival is filled with activities for visitors of all interests and ages. For those seeking to please their tastebuds, a genuine Istrian gastro experience can be found at one of the many taverns, serving dishes prepared with fresh local produce and ingredients. Sport enthusiasts can hop on a bike and race in the San Rocco Bike Tournament, or compete for the gold in a futsal game dubbed St. Rocco’s Cup.
These are only a few of the exciting activities offered, check out the Feast of Saint Rocco page to find out more about this popular summer event!
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