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Nature & camping
Brtonigla, Buje, Novigrad, Umag

Sunsets in northwestern Istria

Spectacular, stunning, romantic… These are just some of the words of praise that escape from the mouths of visitors to northwestern Istria as they watch the sunset. Watching a sunset here is a bit like watching a play you don’t ever want to end. It is a spectacle that lasts mere seconds, but memories of it will remain imprinted in your thoughts for a long time to come. It’s almost like watching a famous artist paint a painting right before your eyes.
You want to watch a magical game of colour across the Istrian sky, but you’re not sure where to start? Here are a few locations that will give you the best experience.

The view from the coast - front row seats

In Umag, you can watch purple sunsets from any part of the seaside promenade alongside Plava Laguna resort, from the centre along the walkway Nova obala through the park Humagum towards the marina or from the old town centre towards the Umag dam. Watch the sunset reflected off the water at Afrika beach in Moela, or take a unique postcard snapshot alongside the famous hanging boats in Savudrija, northwest of Umag.
In Novigrad, gaze at the stunning red horizon from the old city walls or through Belvedere passageway, or for a more relaxed atmosphere, pick a lounge chair on the Aminess Maestral Hotel beach.

The view from above - the best spot for a spectacular sight

If you want proof that the most beautiful sunsets don’t happen only over the sea, head towards the hilltop towns of Istria’s interior. One of these is Brtonigla, where you can enjoy this play of colour above the olive groves and vineyards you will find along the numerous wine routes.
Climb up to the old town centre in Buje and watch the sunset from the stone walls together with the locals. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find the open doors of Sveti Martin tower or the bell tower beside the Church of St. Servulus, which offer the most beautiful view of the town, its surrounding green vineyards, and the blue of the sea horizon.
#nature & camping
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