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NW Istria

Northwestern Istria: Prepare for a football season in paradise

The long tradition of football in north-western Istria gained new momentum in the last decades through the wide spectrum of services and contents in the organized sports tourism sector. Owing to the developed network of football pitches and excellent accommodation and organization capacities, Umag and Novigrad became favourite destinations for the preparation of football teams of all ages and rankings. This is owed to the mild Mediterranean climate and geographical location of north-western Istria, situated at the meeting point of the Adriatic and Central Europe.

Ideal conditions for training sessions

Out of the total of 20 football pitches in the region, 11 have the FIFA-proscribed dimensions (100x64 m), and one of them is the real competition pitch with spotlights and stands for 800 spectators. The pitches are located in Umag, Novigrad and their hinterland, mutually separated by a maximum 10-minute drive. They are maintained in an excellent condition and fully equipped, offering great training conditions.
Football preparations in the Mediterranean, in the sea air and lush natural surroundings are a true pleasure, where clubs and national teams find new ways to develop and improve. Indigenous Istrian cuisine based on authentic ingredients and adjusted to the needs of football players wonderfully fits with the sports offer of north-western Istria. Hard work and great service make for great results and an excellent team.

Affordable packages for sports training sessions

Accommodation is possible in quality, well-managed hotels by the sea, as well as in coastal villas and attractive tourist resorts. Football team packages have everything required for training and preparations - wellness, swimming-pools and massages are only a part of supporting facilities at the disposal of guest sportsmen.
Learn more about accommodation in Umag and Novigrad at https://www.plavalaguna.com/en and https://www.aminess-campsites.com/

Northwestern Istria as a synonym for football

North-western Istria is a destination where European clubs and national teams prepare for the competitive season. It is also a host and organizer of international tournaments, camps and qualifying games, a years-long partner of the Croatian Football Federation and a meeting place of football experts and professionals where different seminars organized in cooperation with the UEFA are held.
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