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Northwestern Istria-more than cycling

Owing to its natural and cultural richness, Northwest Istria is a genuine cycling oasis on the Adriatic seaside. Its favourable climate and infrastructure go hand in hand with its rich gastronomic offer and beautiful landscapes and make this a place where the Mediterranean meets Central Europe and the cycling sport takes a turn to conquer unimaginable peaks.

Cycling for everyone

With 19 tended and marked trails, this tourist region, which encompasses the cities of Umag, Novigrad, Buje and Brtonigla, is equally suitable for all cyclist profiles, be they mountain cyclists, road cyclists or tourist cyclists. It will successfully host not only the participants in their trainings and preparations, but also the leisurely and recreational tourists.

The Umag - Novigrad region boasts a complex of 12 mountain and 6 road routes and it is most proud of its Parenzana cycling trail, which follows the route of the former narrow-gauge railway tracks. The vineyards and the olive groves, the forests and the streams, the medieval towns on hills - these are only a few of this area's cycling assets.

Top-quality, comprehensive services

Accommodation in bike hotels, facilities with special licences, will meet the high criteria for receiving cyclists in all aspects. The bike hotels are located in the immediate vicinity of the cycling trails and they combine sports nutrition, wellness complexes, repair shops, detailed information on the routes and numerous other services tailor-made for the cyclists.

An impressive offer of cycling events makes this part of Istria one of the most desirable places for an unforgettable and dynamic experience. Whether he/she is interested in professional competitions or recreational races - every year, there are more than 15 of the latter only - each cyclist will find the event he/she came to see.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

To round off this cycling offer, Northwestern Istria provides bike specialists, competent servicemen and equipment shops, extensive organizational experience, the possibility of employing cycling guides and attractive package deals offering itineraries throughout the year.

For more information visit our Brochure Northwest Istria. More than just cycling...

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