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Nature & camping

Nature Park Škarline

To residents of the area, Nature Park Škarline is an inseparable part of local identity and holds an indelible place in the collective mind. Visitors to the area sometimes fail to discover this perfectly preserved nature park located only two kilometres from Brtonigla and named Škarline after the stream that springs in the park. Along its course to Mirna River, several kilometres to the south, the stream has created a luscious, green canyon, one of its kind in Istria.

A unique Istrian canyon

A two-kilometre macadam track leads from the village of Nova Vas, near Brtonigla, along the edges of vineyards to the nature park. In dry weather, the nature park can be reached by car. To find out how to reach the park directly from Brtonigla, contact the local tourist office. The canyon is not immediately visible from the park entrance. First, you will encounter a tame, spacious landscape with meadows, two small lakes and a bridge. Several benches and a tap for potable water make this picture-perfect area a great spot for a picnic, and fun and games.

Hiking to the canyon

To hike through the green canyon and follow the stream to where it flows into Mirna River, cross the bridge and carefully climb down the steep sides leading from the small lake. If uncertain which direction to take, just follow the gurgling sound of the stream. Once inside the canyon, you will enter into a new world with a cascade and a pristine watercourse meandering for several kilometres towards Mirna River through thick, shady woodland. The freshness of the air will catch you by surprise. The villagers of Brtonigla say that Nature Park Škarline is an ideal haven against the summer heat.
Nature Park Škarline excites the imagination. No one looking for adventure or an invigorating hike will be able to resist following the stream’s course to Istria’s largest river. It would be wise to bring food and beverages with you on this journey through the lush and uncharted regions of green Istria.
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