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Nature & camping

Natural attractions near Motovun

Biodiversity, rich flora and fauna, and a distinct micro-climate make this area truly special. Along the river Mirna there are many springs and native tree species, while the soil is rich in minerals. This is why the Motovun Forest is the largest habitat of the precious white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) in the world.
Such micro-climate conditions favour the cultivation of grape vines and fruit trees, so winemaking and fruit growing make an important part of the local farming tradition.
The beautiful landscape and natural attractions create a perfect setting for outdoor activities, so in this area you will find great cycling and hiking trails. We bet you’ve already heard of Parenzana, the most famous one, also known as the Route of Health and Friendship.
Motovun Forest
The Motovun Forest is the biggest habitat of white truffle. During the reign of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the Republic of Venice, trees were grown there to supply shipyards with construction timber. It is a deciduous forest stretching along the Mirna river valley and home to common oak (Quercus robur), which is quite rare in this area.
River Mirna
With its 53 kilometres, Mirna is the longest Istrian river. It rises in Kotli near Hum, runs under hills with lush vegetation, and flows into the Adriatic Sea in Antenal near Novigrad. Long before the Romans came to power in Istria, ships of even up to 100 m in length sailed on the river. The old riverbed has almost completely dried up after a new one was created through reclamation of the Mirna river valley.
Dragon’s furrows
According to the beliefs and research of alternative scientist Marko Pogačnik and his colleagues, in Motovun there is a source of the most powerful positive energy in Istria. It is the place where three Dragon’s furrows cross, transferring the energy that is released to all beings through the breathing of our planet.
The view of the hilltop town of Motovun is so special that it will delight any visitor, and you just need to see it from all perspectives. Make sure to take a walk along its town walls, today a unique promenade with a 360° view of the beautiful Istrian landscapes. The richness of colours throughout the seasons evokes a feeling of comfort, peace and well-being. The idyllic view extends to the vineyards, the river Mirna river valley and the St Mark’s or Motovun Forest, widely known as the largest habitat of white truffles. It stretches all the way from Učka, the highest Istrian mountain, to the sea near Novigrad.
The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located on top of the 351-metre high Šublenta hill. It was built in the 17th century in the place of a former Benedictine abbey. The Croats built a pagan shrine on the hill when they first settled the area. Before the Romans came, there was an Illyrian circular walled fortress in the same place. Pilgrims gather in Šublenta every year on the Assumption Day. Surrounded by vineyards and centuries-old oaks, this place brimming with history is a great choice for outdoor activities.
Brooks and waterfalls – There are many springs in the area, especially around Kaldir. There is a brook with a couple of beautiful waterfalls, known as Šašinski potok, whose name is associated with an interesting legend. The Mutva brook flows through the Kaldir valley. On its way to the river Mirna, it forms gorgeous waterfalls, and there are also several interesting retaining walls from the time Motovun was under Italian rule. At the foot of Šublenta springs Šublentica, a brook forming the Pod krogom waterfall beneath the village of Divjaki, and also the attractive Luškur waterfall further on. Not far from the village of Meloni springs the Krvar brook, forming a natural border between the municipalities of Motovun and Karojba. An interesting legend is associated with its name as well, while Krvar Bridge (part of the legendary Parenzana) is especially attractive. On its way to the river Mirna, Krvar brook forms a beautiful canyon with waterfalls, which are unfortunately rarely seen due to its torrential nature.
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