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Brtonigla, Buje, Novigrad, Umag

Istrian village - holiday in a tranquility of nature

Picture a handful of traditional Istrian rural stone houses surrounded by rolling hills, farmland and olive groves - and you will have a picture of an Istrian Village.

More than five hundred villages in Istria

According to Croatian census, there are over 500 villages in Istria, historically often formed by extended family households settling close by - which is also seen from many of Istrian vilage names such as Babici, Juricani, Radini, Lozari and so on. The average size of a village in Istria is only around 100 people. Some of larger villages could have over three houndred inhabitants , but there are also some villages with only couple of inhabitans - and a few villages that are today completely de-populated and deserted.

The uniqueness of Istria’s villages will thrill visitors

North-west Istria is not an exception to the above - there are close to fifty villages in areas around Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla and Buje. Featuring traditional Istrian stone house architecture, surrounded by olive groves, fertile fields and vineyards, and yet often being just 15 minutes drive from the coast - villages of North-west istria offer an interesting alternative for your Istrian holidays and are perfect agrotourism destination.

List of villages in north-western Istria

Villages around Umag

  • Babići

  • Bašanija

  • Crveni Vrh

  • Čepljani

  • Đuba

  • Finida

  • Juricani

  • Katoro

  • Kmeti

  • Križine

  • Lovrečica

  • Materada

  • Monterol

  • Murine

  • Petrovija

  • Savudrija

  • Seget

  • Sveta Marija na Krasu

  • Valica

  • Vardica

  • Vilanija

  • Zambratija

Villages around Novigrad

  • Antenal

  • Mareda

  • Bužinija

  • Dajla

Villages around Brtonigla

  • Fiorini

  • Radini

  • Karigador

  • Nova Vas

Villages around Buje

  • Baredine

  • Bibali

  • Brdo

  • Brič

  • Buroli

  • Gamboci

  • Kaldanija

  • Kanegra

  • Kaštel

  • Krasica

  • Kršete

  • Kućibreg

  • Lozari

  • Marušići

  • Merišće

  • Momjan

  • Oskoruš

  • Plovanija

  • Triban

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