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Hotel Mulino, gambling and entertainment centre

One of Europe’s striking casino clubs can be found in Hotel Mulino in Škrile on the very border of Croatia and Slovenia.

Open non-stop, the club offers a wide range of card games:

  • black jack, a variety of poker games, and punto banco, one of several versions of baccarata

  • french and American roulette, games in which players try to guess the number on the wheel on which the ball will land, are also popular

You can try your hand at electronic roulette or machines, a classic among gambling games and the most widespread and easiest game in any casino. What makes slot machines so popular is, a player’s skill has nothing to do with the game’s outcome, which depends on pure luck.

The perfect environment for gaming and amusement

The Casino Hotel Mulino has gained the reputation of a top-class casino, and its elegant interior decorating and atmosphere create a perfect setting for fun and games.

Accessible location

The vicinity of airports in Portorož and Trieste make the hotel accessible to even far-away guests. Located a mere six kilometres from the sea, Hotel Mulino offers luxurious rooms, a cabaret show, free Internet, exquisite cuisine, a wellness centre, and other services and facilities.

tel: +385 52 725 300
fax: +385 52 725 333
Škrile 75a, 52460 Buje

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