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Get to know Umag with “UmaGOdigital”

UmaGOdigital – smart info boards that make visits to Umag even more interesting
To make it easier for you to plan your visits and get info on all of the town’s tourist attractions, we have devised the UmagGOdigital project, featuring smart info boards installed around the town.
Here’s everything you need to know about this splendid project!
What are smart info boards?
Smart info boards are interactive information centres distributed across the key locations in Umag. Their technology enables visitors to find out all about the town’s tourist attractions, events, traffic, excursions, and get other useful pointers.
Each smart info board features a touchscreen, a camera, a loudspeaker and motion detectors, ensuring tailor-made interaction.
How to use smart info boards?
Visitors can use smart info boards with the help of their own smartphones, via a QR code integrated in the board, or directly on the touchscreen.
The smart board offers information on Umag’s attractions, and maps with different tourist routes visitors can take to explore the town better.
Interactive screens also offer the option for visitors to browse through anything they would like to see or learn about the town, including weather info and other important things useful for planning their days and excursions.
User response
The UmagGOdigital project is an innovative solution to boost tourism in both the town of Umag and the region. Smart info boards have been met with a highly positive response, and our guests are thrilled to have all the information at hand.
This project has the potential to attract more tourists and take their experience to a whole new level. It is a shiny example of how innovation can transform the tourism offer. Smart info boards are easily accessible, useful and fun, and are a great way to get to know Umag better.
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