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Art and culture

Ethereal Motovun: the hill of positive vibrations

Three ley lines meet in Motovun, which makes it the strongest source of positive energy in Istria and an excellent place for meditation and spiritual relaxation.

According to a theory developed by Marko Pogačnik, Motovun is a strong source of positive energy because ley lines, the Earth’s energy channels, converge there. Just as the energy contained in the human body is composed of meridians or energy channels, the Earth is also part of a complex energy network. In the places where these channels converge, there are powerful conduits that have a positive effect on human health and well-being.
The ley lines phenomenon originates in Great Britain, where it was discovered that the most significant church buildings, built on the sites of pagan temples, as well as megalithic locations such as Stonehenge, are located precisely in energetically powerful locations.
The most powerful energy points in Motovun
Dr. Semir Osmanagić, instrumental in discovering the Bosnian pyramids, measured the concentration of negative ions within the range from 1,000 to 1,700, which is extremely favourable for human health, near the church of St. Stephen on the Motovun central square. By measuring the electromagnetic and bioenergetic field, Osmanagić also discovered a high percentage of orgone energy at the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which confirms the theory that our ancestors were well aware of the optimal sports for the construction of sacred buildings.
If you want to feel the effects of the ley lines yourself, come to Motovun and let the positive vibes of this mystical town wash over you. It's inevitable!
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