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Art and culture

"El sento" – a stone bench for sitting

El sento is an architectural element of a traditional house in a rural setting, built next to the entrance doors of houses or in squares.
At the time they were used to sit and rest, talking about „this and that“ while weaving or cleaning the grain contained in the woven straw basket placed on the knees; sometimes the three or four seats on the bench weren't enough to accommodate everyone and then the circle widened because everyone brought a chair from home.
Almost all the houses had the "sento" near the door and, if it was missing, it was replaced by the stone steps of the external staircase which led to the upper floor of the house.
"El sento" was a strong element of aggregation and sharing among people, the girls sat and embroidered their precious clothes and their dowry, while they took care of their younger brothers who played in the courtyard, we discussed business and own personal problems and those of others, seeking solutions together; there was talk of what was happening in the village; symbol of expression of a people who love company, interpersonal relationships and friendships.
#art and culture
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