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NW Istria

Diving into a new world

Researching the secrets of the sea depths is a fascinating adventure which, however, is not totally simple if it is not carried out under expert leadership and if the right equipment is not used. Whether you are a passionate diver or just want to learn some diving skills, you will find what you are looking for at diving centres of this area.

An undersea adventure

And then the amazing research can begin: Monte Rosso cape - where the coast drops steeply to a depth of 20 m, the cargo steamship SS Gilda not far from Savudrija cape, the shallows with the underwater mines and torpedoes, the German naval ship Remorker, crevasses with lots of different types of fish and crabs, the rich flora and fauna... there is more than enough here for a new world and experience!


Diving Center Subaquatic
Savudrijska cesta bb,Umag
Tel/ Fax: + 385 52 663 220
Web: www.subaquatic.org
Sea Turtle Diving Center
Camping Park Umag
Karigador b.b. Brtonigla
Tel: +385 99 575 3230
Web: www.sportndiving.hr
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