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Nature & camping

Camping in Umag

Umag’s campsites are the first when entering Istria from the north. Located right by the sea in a kingdom of pristine nature, they offer everything you need for an open-air holiday – from fun for the entire family to an authentic mix of sun, sea and beaches.

Camping Park Umag

Camping Park Umag is an oasis with beautifully landscaped surroundings and spacious pitches for family camping. Come for the sun and sea, numerous morning and evening activities for kids and adults, seaside barbecues, and strolls through a park full of local Mediterranean plant life.
Play tennis or volleyball, go for a bike ride or jog on the well-kept coastal promenade that runs the length of the campsite. Camping Park Umag guests can enjoy a swimming pool complex with more than 1,700m2 of water surface, making it one of the largest in Istria campsites! A new Premium mobile homes  zone is located in the immediate vicinity of the pool complex, right by the Canova Bay.

Stella Maris Campsite – a holiday in the centre of events

Stella Maris 4* Campsite is located at Stella Maris resort, 2km from Umag. It offers accommodation on equipped Superior pitches from 70-145m2 in surface area and in modern Superior mobile homes. For a great camping holiday, there is also a large outdoor swimming pool complex, and numerous well kept beaches, restaurants, bars and sports facilities to suit anyone’s tastes are all located nearby. Nearby Stella Maris Resort is a true treasure trove of summer events, including the famous ATP tennis tournament, concerts and parties for a holiday in the centre of events.

Camping Savudrija – far from the hustle and bustle

Camping Savudrija in Savudrija, at the westernmost point of Croatia, is far enough from the hustle and bustle to offer you complete peace and quiet. Amidst a fragrant pine forest right by the sea, it offers a few types of pitches for various tastes and needs. It features a restaurant, supermarket, various sports facilities, an outdoor swimming pool, and entertainment at nearby Savudrija Resort. If you’re a true romantic, the spectacular sunsets and the oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic will make this destination dear to your heart.

Camping Finida – a small campsite for a tailor-made holiday

If you’re looking for a small campsite that offers true contact with nature, Camping Finida 4* is the right choice. Finida is just 2km from Umag, and it offers accommodation on pitches made to suit campers who value simplicity and intimacy. Guests at this campsite are drawn by its pristine nature, the shade of its tall trees, and the ability to enjoy a relaxing holiday with their pets.
Umag’s campsites have won multiple recognitions and awards for the quality of their amenities, and the nearby sports facilities, culture and entertainment in the towns nearby have won the hearts of campers.

Campsite Veli Jože Savudrija

Veli Jože Campsite is located on the westernmost part of the Istrian peninsula, near the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic. Its pristine nature is an ideal setting for all kinds of camping and organised stays for groups of children and young people.

Mini campsite Lighthouse Savudrija – a small campsite for a great camping experience!

Set in a magnetically attractive location near the old lighthouse in Savudrija, this campsite offers 32 spacious pitches with electricity and water hook-ups, modern toilet facilities and 24-hour support throughout the year. If you want to explore northwestern Istria and its endless recreation, relaxing and pleasure-seeking options, the Lighthouse mini campsite is an ideal starting point.
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