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Bike e-book, bike in Northwestern Istria

Drag the bikes out into the sun, the cycling routes of Northwest Istria are waiting for you!

Have you discovered the recreational wonders of Northwestern Istria already? It is an ideal location for a two-wheel ride, regardless of whether you ride a road or a mountain bike. The rides along the coast are something the whole family can enjoy while those who are more ambitious, amateurs and professionals alike, can brave the hillsides. Numerous cycling paths will take you on a tour of your amazing surroundings.
In order to make your cycling adventure on Istrian trails more pleasant, check out the e-book for more information on accommodation, cycling routes, events and everything connected to cycling. 
A bike ride is an ideal opportunity for visiting many sites of natural beauty and attractions of Northwest Istria and don’t forget to try some of the dishes Istria is known for. All year long it is a location of many cycling events enjoyed by both participants and spectators, with a rich offer of side events – including competitions, music events and similar. Read the e-book offering advices and ideas on how to make your cycling visit to Istria an unforgettable experience you will always remember. Let it guide you through:
  • A destination for cyclists of all profiles

  • Bike trails that beckon you towards exploration and adventure

  • Bike hotels for guests on two wheels

  • Bike events you’ll want to come back to before you’ve even left

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