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Active holidays in Novigrad

Thanks to its pristine surroundings and an array of enticing activities, Novigrad and northwestern Istria are great destinations for anyone wishing to recharge their batteries in nature. You will be delighted to know that you’ll barely need a car here, as cycling trails, beaches, tennis courts and trails winding through picturesque olive groves and vineyards are all only a stone’s throw from the town centre.
The most popular activities in Novigrad
  • walking and running along the famous Karpinjan promenade, which winds through vineyards and olive groves and leads to Mareda

  • cycling along the marked cycling trails stretching across northwestern Istria, including Novigrad’s promenade

  • playing tennis on the courts by the sea near the Aminess Maestral Hotel and in Karpinjan

  • water sports: kayaking on the Mirna River or around Novigrad’s coast, windsurfing, SUP, jet-skiing, or parasailing

  • Ranch Mare and horse riding near the sea in the tourist village of Kastanija

  • fishing in designated locations (with a fishing permit)

#Nature and environment
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