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20 Apr 24

“Hoditi i zdravi biti” – Hiking Tour

Walking is one of the best and healthiest ways to connect with nature. That’s why we invite you to join us at the hiking event “Walk and Be Healthy” (in Croatian: Hoditi i zdravi biti) on Saturday, 20 April.

Novigrad has joined the public health project of the Institute of Public Health of the Istrian County and the Istrian County Hoditi i zdravi biti - La salute viene camminando”, which has been promoting health since 2014. On 20 April, simultaneous walks will take place in 10 towns across our peninsula, which is perfect for hiking. The number of citizens who are spreading the message of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the number of towns where guided hikes are organized is increasing every year. Citizens and guests of all ages are invited to join.
We’ll meet at the entrance of Kastanija/Pineta in Novigrad, at the large parking lot overlooking the sea, at 10:00 am, to spend a beautiful active day in nature!
Walking in good company, you’ll complete a 10-km trail winding through the green oasis of Novigrad and along the coast. You will feel the sea breeze caressing the pine and olive trees and grapevines. Passing across vineyards and olive groves, we’ll reach the northern part of the Novigrad area, all the way to the village of Dajla and back to Kastanija, where a meal with refreshments is organized for all participants.
#Nature and environment
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