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21 Sep - 22 Sep 24
Novigrad, Sports Hall

Mediterranean Cup in Majorette Sports

The start of autumn in Novigrad will be marked by the 8th Mediterranean Cup in Majorette Sport on September 21 and 22.

Novigrad will host this international competition of talented girls of various ages for the second time, who will impress the city's residents and guests with a parade through the streets of the old town and a dance show in Piazza Grande square under the bell tower. About 200 choreographies will be performed, with up to 100 performances each day of the competition. 
Between 800 and 1,000 majorettes from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Croatia are expected to attend. The competition will take place at the Novigrad-Cittanova Sports Hall. The majorettes compete in three age categories—cadets, juniors, and seniors—in solo, duo/trio, mini, and large formations, as well as in the parade category. In their performances, they use props such as batons, pom-poms, batonflags, flags, and even two to three different props and stage sets in their dances.
The organizers of this sporting event are the Croatian Majorette Association (HUMT) and the European Majorette Association (EMTA).
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