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17 Aug 24
Antico square

20th Birthday concert of Klapa Motovun

Klapa Motovun will celebrate its 21st birthday with its loyal audience with an all-evening concert on the beautiful Antico square in Motovun. Klapa summer evening at the very top of picturesque Motovun, on Saturday starting at 8:30 p.m., is organized by Klapa Motovun and the Motovun Tourist Board.

Entrance to the concert is free.

Members of Klapa Motovun embarked on their adventure in 2003, and their hard and dedicated work began to produce results very quickly. Their performances became more and more frequent, such as their trips. Thanks to the great enthusiasm and dedicated work of the klapa members as well as professional leadership, the klapa has become an important part of the Croatian klapa scene over the years.
Klapa Motovun is made up of musical amateurs and lovers of klapa song, and works under the artistic direction of maestro Josip Krajačić. Klapa Motovun consists of: Tomislav Pahović (1st tenor), Esmir Brajuha (2nd tenor), Vedran Majcan (2nd tenor), Igor Rimanić (baritone), Marijan Maraškin (baritone), Stanko Ferenčić (bass), Josip Pino Kotiga ( bass) and Benjamin Pahović (bass).
Klapa singing or klapa music is traditional Croatian vocal music originating from Dalmatia, mostly from coastal and island regions. Klapa singing was included in UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2012. A traditional klapa song is distinguished by an a capella vocal performance, and Klapa Motovun, in addition to cherishing a classic a capella vocal performance, also performs covers of famous Croatian and foreign pop songs with piano accompaniment.
The guests of Klapa Motovun's birthday concert are Due Dolci Music (Tara and Trina Banick) and the vocal group "Umole".
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