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What to see and experience in Novigrad this spring

Discover the allure of this Istrian paradise where each day ends with a stunning sunset, marking the end of another beautiful memory!
Novigrad - Cittanova, a Mediterranean haven in charming Istria, invites you to wander through colorful Mediterranean streets, enjoying recreation by the sea, vineyards, and olive groves, and to awaken all your senses with an exceptional eno-gastronomic offer promoted by events.
Novigrad offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle, providing experiences that enrich your leisure time while you recharge during a holiday or a weekend break. Here, tradition perfectly blends with tourist appeal, preserving an intimate charm.
Once a quiet fishing town, Novigrad invites you to indulge in the gentle hum of waves, fishing boats, and seagulls. Stroll along historic walls that whisper ancient stories. Discover the romantic historic lodge, an idyllic place that resonates with echoes of culture and history! Let the popular colourful umbrellas lead you, adding vibrant colors to the streets. Novigrad’s charm is not just in its aesthetics; it lies in its rich history that gives it a unique personality.
Admire the fertile vineyards and olive groves, celebrating life with your loved ones! Beyond the beach season, Novigrad invites you to explore its natural beauty, architectural wonders, and all its colors, scents, and flavors. April and May are ideal for cycling, jogging, playing tennis, walking the dog, or practicing yoga in the city’s green oasis.
Novigrad is above all a paradise for gourmets, offering a wide and quality selection of specialties and delicacies from the sea and land. Throughout the year, events in the city center showcase the offerings of numerous restaurants in Novigrad and Northwestern Istria and renowned producers of quality wine and extra virgin olive oil.
On May 23rd, a new event will take place - Taste'n'Town, an organized stroll through charming Novigrad during which you can enjoy tasty bites and wines offered by restaurants and bars. Read more about this event in the article!
With its fishing tradition, which is felt in the Mandrač port, Novigrad provides an authentic experience on June 8th and 9th at the Park Food Fest, when the small harbour Mandrač and nearby park turn into an open-air restaurant. You are invited to a unique street food festival with a rich animation program for all ages.
Enjoy your favorite drink at the bars along the coast and don't miss a single sunset! And when night falls, indulge in pleasant moments - from romantic encounters to unforgettable gatherings. Music lovers can enjoy the Cittanova Blues Festival in June, from the 28th to the 30th, with over 10 free concerts in the evening. More information about this can be found at the end of May on this website!
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