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Underground culinary treasure: Truffle hunting adventure in Motovun

Truffle hunting demonstration tours have become increasingly popular among the visitors of Motovun, where as many as three family-run companies offer this truffle hunting adventure.

At the foothill of Motovun lies the Motovun Forest, renowned as a special reserve of forest vegetation. The largest truffle habitat in Istria is found right here. This underground gem has long since become a recognisable culinary symbol of Istria, gaining cult status among foodies. Whether you are already a passionate fan of the intoxicating smell and taste of truffles or you are just looking to become one, try hunting for truffles in their natural environment.
A tradition passed down from generation to generation
In Motovun, this unforgettable adventure is provided by Miro Tartufi, Sviličić Truffles and Tartufi Istra. All of these are families who have been cultivating hunting skills for years, passing on their love and passion to their children and thus preserving this valuable tradition. The major stars of this beautiful local story are not the people though, but the truffle hunting dogs whose sense of smell is of crucial importance for a successful hunt. If you are interested in how dogs are trained and how long the training takes, or about the best season for black or white truffle hunting, this is the best time to get answers from experienced guides. In addition, spending the day in the magical valley of the Mirna River and in great company is an opportunity you should not miss in Motovun.  
All tours also include a tasting of local products, so this experience will not only tickle your curiosity, but also your taste buds!
#Regional delicacies
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