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The Licitar Heart

The wealth and the culture of the lowland Croatia is proud with its licitar, variously decorated honey biscuit, usually made in the shape of a heart, brightly red, with various decorations. The licitar heart is a sweet treat that all visitors of the central Croatia love to take home as a patchy souvenir.

The tradition of licitar making in Croatia

The tradition of licitar making goes back to the Middle Ages when the sweets were made from wooden, richly decorated moulds throughout Europe. With time, the traditional manner of biscuit production became a trade with numerous well known licitar-makers in Zagreb, Varaždin, Karlovac and other parts of the lowland Croatia as the favourite cakes of all social strata. The Licitar craftsmen are selling their products made of dough and wax at the fairs, they are made for the religious feats, while the licitar hears gave a special atmosphere.
Every real housewife in continental Croatia keep their secret recipe of this wide known Croatian treat within the family trade of honey-makers in the Central and the Lowland Croatia. It is a custom to give a heart at the Valentine’s day in order to show your affection to the loved one, but it is always the right time for the "honey heart"!
#art and culture
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