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Food & wine

Novigrad's recipes with a taste of the sea

Recipes for fish and other marine dishes, prepared for decades by Novigrad fishermen, housewives, and restaurateurs, have been saved from being forgotten. Their gastronomic delights are today an inspiration for creative menus of top chefs who promote healthy and balanced Mediterranean cuisine. Discover why Novigrad has always been associated with the saying CHE FINO (How delicious!)
Download the recipe book "Novigrad's recipes with a taste of the sea" completely free and learn to prepare delicious yet simple dishes that once filled every Novigrad home with their enticing aroma. Also, explore more modern, nutritious, and intriguing recipes shared by 10 top chefs in love with Novigrad and everything the sea here has to offer. You can follow their video recipes on the YouTube channel.
Diet based on seafood was a necessity in the past due to limited access to other food sources. Our ancestors unknowingly ate much healthier than we do today, and the benefits of consuming sea organisms, which are part of the fundamental principles of Mediterranean, balanced, and healthy diet, have been scientifically confirmed in more detail only in the last few decades. Fortunately, in Istria, fish was never scarce and was accessible to everyone. The key values of seafood lie in its nutritional content, easy digestibility of meat, high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and the presence of important biogenic elements necessary for the optimal functioning of the body.
Today's modern way of life often distracts us from healthy habits, but the Novigrad – Cittanova Tourist Board, in partnership with the City library, through the CHE FINO project, has emphasized the importance of increasing the consumption of fish and other marine organisms, especially among children. This is made possible thanks to the co-financing by the European Union from the European Maritime and fisheries fund through the Fisheries administration of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Croatia. These activities are just a part of the CHE FINO project - Choose Health and Eat Fish in Novigrad, approved through the call for proposals of the Local Action Group in Fisheries FLAG "Pinna nobilis" within Measure 4.2.1. The co-financing share of funds from the mentioned European fund amounts to €48,645.00.
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