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Magic caught on camera: explore the Instagrammable corners of Motovun

  • Motovun is one of the most photographed Istrian towns – it is exceptionally photogenic and boasts its mystical beauty all year round, lending itself perfect for photos so beautiful you will want to frame them!

  • Even before your ascent to the Old Town of Motovun, you will feel the desire to capture the picturesque Mirna river valley. As soon as you catch a glimpse of this curious town as if brought to life from a fairy tale, you will want to get your camera ready.

We bring you the TOP 10 Instagrammable locations you will not want to miss!

1) Motovun Walls

The Old Town of Motovun is completely fortified and a part of the walls has been reconstructed as a promenade. From the Motovun Walls, you will have an unrestricted panoramic view of the Mirna river valley, the Motovun forest, and the neighbouring villages, making you feel like you’re on top of inland Istria.

2) Loggia

Located on the Josef Ressel Square, the Loggia used to be a popular youth hangout, where many a coy look was exchanged. Nowadays, it is a must-visit for those looking to take a break, as well as some photos framed by ornamental columns.   

3) Veli Jože Viewpoint

A bench worthy of a gentle giant that is Veli Jože awaits you at this beautiful Instagrammable spot, from which you will have an excellent view of the town!

4) Veli Jože Mural

The fans of local folklore will love this spot located near the Motovun post office, in the vicinity of the Andrea Antico Square. The mural depicts the giant Veli Jože as if brought to life straight from the famous Motovun legend!

5) Rotonda

Halfway through your descent down the longest Istrian staircase (with as many as 1052 steps!), you will find a viewpoint with a lovely European nettle tree, perfect for a picturesque break with a view of vineyards and olive tree grooves.

6) Rialto Street

This is the most scenic Motovun street – it is located in the southern area of the town, in a very quiet district without a lot of traffic and with many colourful pelargonium flowers, adding a touch of joy to the overall architecture.

7) Borgo Street

In addition to the Church of Saint Anthony of Padua, the Church of Saint Cyprian and a hospice, this street also boasts numerous houses with photo-ready façades and shutters waiting to be posted on your social media!

8) Josef Ressel Square

This square awaits you right at the tower exit portal. In addition to a few restaurants and cafés, the Josef Ressel Square boasts a majestic terrace located below an awe-inspiring municipal palace from which you will have an elevated view of the surrounding landscape – the Mirna river valley, the Motovun forest, and the Motovun vineyards.

9) Andrea Antico Square

This is the main Motovun square located on the very top of the city. The Andrea Antico Square is the hot spot for most of the town’s events – since 1999, it has hosted the main stage of the Motovun Film Festival and as of recent, you can also find the Antico town printing house there, selling individually made Motovun souvenirs, so make sure to stop by after your photo session!

10) Roxanich Hotel and Winery terrace

It is hard to adequately describes the idyllic environment of this hotel and winery, full of vineyards and greenery which are a sight to behold as you sip on a glass of wines so perfect they are qualified as “life elixirs” by owner Mladen Rožanić – so, come and feast your eyes!
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