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From Motovun to Formula 1 legend: The journey of Mario Andretti

Racing was his way of life, and because of the great success he achieved during his rich career, he was nicknamed "Super Mario"

He was born on 28 February 1940 in Motovun. Recalling his early childhood, Mario’s mother Rina once said that as children, he and his twin brother Geraldo used to take pot lids and run around the kitchen shouting “Vroom, vroom”! as if driving cars, even though they had never seen one.
After World War II, the family moved from Motovun to Italy, where Mario’s passion for motorsport flourished in the 1950s. The family moved to the US in 1955, where Mario and his brother soon assembled their own car and began racing together. After one of the races, Geraldo suffered grave injuries, which forced a temporary halt to his career, while Mario continued to compete, creating a long winning streak.
  • 109 career wins

In the US, Andretti realised his dream by winning the most important motoring competitions: Formula 1, IndyCar, World Sportscar Championship and NASCAR. To this day, he is the only race driver to have won the Indianapolis 500 (1969), the Daytona 500 (1967) and the Formula 1 Championship (1978). His name remains synonymous with speed, and he himself said that this was the best word to describe his life.
Motovun preserves the memory of this exceptional motoring ace, so you can visit his birthplace with a memorial plaque, while his suit, helmet and props can be found in the Kaštel cultural and educational centre.
#art and culture
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