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NW Istria

Bike Services

Categorised tourist facilities bearing the special “Bike Hotel” sign guarantee to take care of cyclists and their bikes during their stay. In addition to providing bike storage, bike repair services, laundry services, etc., these hotels also provide services and facilities such as swimming pools, fitness gyms and massages.


Bike repair shop A workshop equipped with a basic set of tools and spare parts for simple repairs. Bike storeroom Safe, free-of charge bike storage under lock and key (in some cases, 24-hour video surveillance). The storeroom is equipped with bike racks and hooks, and holds equipment needed in bike maintenance and care. Laundry for cycling clothes Daily laundry service for sports clothes. Bike rental Rent good-quality bikes, with bike equipment. Bike routes and itineraries Information material with maps featuring the region’s bike routes and itineraries. Bike taxi Organised transportation of luggage, bikes and people (as needed and on request). Bike lunch packages Rich energy-packed lunch packages (bananas, energy drinks). Special services and discounts Special offers from our partners (bike shop, bike repair, bike rental, transportation). Nutrition A wide range of menus geared to the needs of cyclists. Fitness and wellness A variety of facilities ideal for relaxation, such as a swimming pool, fitness gym and wellness centre (available in facilities that provide fitness and wellness services within the hotel). Bike corner A corner of the hotel where cyclists can read specialised bike magazines, get information about the destination’s bike offering, learn about package offerings, get photos with bike motifs - a bike photo album of the destination, a bike guest book. Massage and physiotherapeutic services A professional masseur and a physiotherapist are at your disposal in case of minor muscle injuries or if you wish to relax after a ride. Meeting room A meeting room within the hotel in available for organising and planning daily rides. Bike service card Info card with the most important phone numbers Weather information Daily weather information. Additional offerings, services and facilities A variety of activities, services and facilities are available to all guests (animation, entertainment, tennis courts, mini golf course, a game room…).

Bike e-book

  • Let it guide you through:

  • A destination for cyclists of all profiles

  • Bike trails that beckon you towards exploration and adventure

  • Bike events you’ll want to come back to before you’ve even left

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