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02 Sep 24

Opening of the white truffle hunting season - Motovun forest

Truffle Hunters Association “Istra” invites you on Saturday, September 2nd, 2024 to participate in the opening of the white truffle hunting season.

Those interested in the event will be able to spend a few hours with the white truffle hunters and their dogs in the Motovun Forest, experience the white truffle hunt, and after the hunt, all participants are invited to a free truffle tasting in the garden of boutique hotel “Kaštel” in Motovun, with dishes prepared with truffles found in the hunt they participated in.
The gathering and the toast are scheduled for 8.00 am, entry into the Motovun Forest at 9.00 am. The gathering place is below the village of Ipši (intersection of Gradinje - Livade) beside the table marking a special nature reserve. The hunt will last until 10.30 am when all participants will head for a truffle tasting and a snack.
As the number of participants in this event will be limited, we ask that all the interested participants contact by 31/08/2024 to participate in the opening of the white truffle hunting season on
The event is organized with the support of the Municipality of Motovun and the Motovun Tourist Board.
#art and culture
#natural beauties
#Nature and environment
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