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Wellness & sea
NW Istria

The bays of northwestern Istria

Northwestern Istria's indented coastline is full of bays and inlets hiding beautiful beaches – many bearing Blue Flags – and delightful villages. They are ideal for a relaxed holiday with a view of the open sea in the shade of trees, while those looking for adventure will surely head off to explore its hidden corners.

Down the Savudrija coast

At the very «horn» of Istria, the Gulf of Piran is dotted with numerous small bays. Kanegra is also located on the gulf, which will especially appeal to lovers of greenery and pebble beaches. The village of Crveni vrh is also located here, with its unique paved beach that offers a striking view of the Gulf of Piran.

The Umag “zone”

As we head from Savudrija towards Umag, we pass through picturesque Zambratija and Katoro bays, and along the length of Stella Maris resort, you will find the famous Laguna sandy beach, located in a spacious bay decorated with green pines. Along the northern edge of Umag, Punta resort is located on a natural peninsula, featuring a town beach popular among families with children. Heading even further south, we pass through Sveti Pelegrin, Finida and Lovrečica bays, as well as Park Umag, a green oasis that draws numerous camping lovers every summer.

Novigrad and towards the Mirna river delta

Continuing our trip south brings us closer to Novigrad. The best-known bay in the Novigrad area is certainly Dajla-Karigador. Once a harbour where oak lumber was loaded onto ships headed for the Venetian Republic, Karigador today is the ideal destination for lovers of relaxation and a calm summer atmosphere. Between Novigrad and Kastanija point, you will find Mujela bay, rich in rocky beaches. Novigrad itself sprouted in a bay, and nearby is the Mirna river delta, which is a habitat for numerous plant and animal species, especially birds. You are sure to see ducks, swans and other feathered locals during your drive across Antenal bridge at the river's mouth.
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