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From wine to glass: Motovun winemakers and enchanting terroir

Thanks to the superior microlocation, used masterfully by the local winemakers, Motovun has become an important wine destination.
Motovun winemakers draw inspiration from the exceptional wine microlocation and terroir, the optimal combination of marly soil, fantastic exposure and sufficient amount of wind, transforming all these benefits into award-winning wines. Among them, Terrano is the one that stands out the most and achieves its best results in Motovun.
At the end of 2019, the European Network of Cultural Tourism named Motovun the second-best in the wine tourism category, placing it between two renowned French wine destinations: the Loire Valley and Pays d’Armagnac.
The Magnificent Eight
In Motovun, there are currently eight renowned wine producers whose wine cellars are a pleasure to visit, and whose wines are a joy to taste. We definitely recommend that you combine several of them on a personalised wine tour that you can organise yourself depending on your preferences and time available. All wine tastings must be organised with prior notice, because this is the only way the winemakers can truly dedicate themselves to you and provide you with the best experience. And this experience is truly unique, warm and lovely, as befits the heart of Istria!
  • Benvenuti Vina
    Kaldir 7

  • Vina Bertoša
    Kaldir 20b

  • Vina Fachin
    Rodeli 77a

  • Vina Fakin
    Bataji 20a

  • Vino Novak
    Kanal 23

  • Vinarija Roxanich
    Kanal 30

  • Vinarija Tomaz
    Kanal 36

  • Valenta Family Wines
    Kaldir 9a

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#natural beauties
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