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NW Istria

Nordic walking and the sound of the waves

Did you know?

Nordic walking is a recreational sports activity that grew out of training for Nordic skiing athletes in Finland in the 1930s. It developed as a standalone recreational sporting discipline in the early 1980s but it was still years before it made significant headway. Once the design of the poles had been worked out in 1997, Nordic walking went on to become a year-round sports activity. Today in Europe alone there are over thirty million active NW enthusiasts.
Nordic walking is a new form of physical activity suitable for all age groups. It is in fact walking with the help of specially designed sticks suitable for most of the terrains, which is in the combination with nature and fresh air particularly good for your health.
It has a 45% better effect than walking at the same speed without using walking sticks, and actively includes 90% of the body’s muscles. Forty-five to sixty minutes of mid-intensity training consumes about 400 to 800 calories.

All you need for this supremely healthy activity that works out the whole body is:

  • A pair of athletic walking shoes

  • Comfortable athletic clothing

  • A suitable pair of Nordic walking poles

The Umag seaside is ideal for Nordic walking

Most of the terrain is suitable for this sport, but rarely is there such a terrain on offer that is as picturesque as the 45 km long Umag Riviera, with a beautiful and uninterrupted walk path beside the sea.
Although at first glance Nordic walking looks very simple to do, it is extremely important from the outset that you get to grips with the basic techniques and choose the right type of walking sticks. You don’t need to worry about this in the Umag-Novigrad region! Excellent training, a school for beginners, possibility to hire walking sticks… and breathtaking natural surroundings. All you need is good will and the desire to start the day in a healthy way!
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