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Food & wine


From our hands, from our land

Local food is especially important in areas such as Brtonigla, where tradition, culture, gastronomy and hospitality are inextricably intertwined and rooted.
When we talk about Brtonigla as a destination, we can proudly say that it abounds in high-quality tourist facilities, from accommodation, catering offers, attractions, producers of wine, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, fruit, vegetables, etc.
It is precisely for this reason that the "L'ortolano" project, a joint brand, was designed, which aims to connect local producers with each other, but also with restaurant, and in this way enable farmers to better place local products and market expansion, and to restaurants a continuous supply of quality local products, and provide tourists with an experience of local tradition.
All products, their packaging, promotional material, souvenirs and the like will be marked with the visual identity system, while certain products will also be marked with the km "0" stamp to emphasize the local character of the product.
In this way, farmers are helped in labeling their products, restaurateurs are provided with local fresh food, and the end consumer is guaranteed the quality and freshness of the product.
L'ortolano is based on the philosophy of sustainable development, encouraging greater local production and consumption, thereby influencing the already encouraging sustainable awareness of the local population in order to create a zero waste destination.
#art and culture
#Regional delicacies
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